Integrity Meter Alert!

This is where most people have a knee-jerk reaction...Oh, here is the catch...he wants my email address.  No way.  Forget it.  

I hope you can get past this initial reaction and here is why.  I make my living as a writer, trainer, and coach.  Much of what I offer to the world is completely free.  That said, if I can't pay my bills I can't continue to produce my work.  In order to sustain a reasonable income, I need access to potential customers.  The best way to do this is to manage my own list of interested and loyal followers.  I cannot rely solely on third-party platforms such as Facebook or other social media because they are prohibitively expensive and, in the end, they control all of the access.  

All of the downloads in the library are free.  I only ask that you provide me with your email address.  If you do, here is my commitment to you...

  • I will protect your information using industry standard practices and technology and I will ask you for a bare minimum of personal data.
  • I will never sell or distribute your address to anyone else.
  • You can unsubscribe from my list anytime that you want and I won't contact you again unless you re-subscribe.
  • I will, on occasion, let you know when I'm offering something that might be of interest to you.  I will try to limit these inbox invasions to once per month.  I hate SPAM as much as you do.