It's Hard to Get Coaching Clients!


Do you struggle to land new coaching clients?  Isn’t it challenging to explain the benefits of coaching to someone who isn’t already familiar with the coaching process?  Don’t you wish that you had a simple, effective way to give people a taste of what you have to offer as a coach?  You know that once they experience the power of your coaching, they will be hooked!  But how do you get that first conversation?  Guess what…It’s easier than you think if you have the right tools.

Being a Talented Coach Isn’t Enough


You became a coach to help people, right?  You put in the hours of training and practice to get really good at coaching.  You got certified and you are ready to light the world on fire!  But your clients are not lining up outside your door, waiting for a coaching session.  Why not?  There are a few things likely going on here…

  • You are a fantastic coach, but getting clients is not about coaching.  It’s about marketing and selling!
  • Coaching is hard for many people to understand.  Even though coaching is becoming more mainstream, most people have never been in a coaching relationship.  Unless they've done coaching in the past, people don't know what to expect and this creates fear.
  • It’s very difficult to have a conversation with someone about coaching when clients don't even know they are in pain.
  • It is difficult to create a “free sample” for coaching because good coaching is not a quick-hit offering.  Great results from coaching tend to occur over a sustained period of time and effort.

What I’ve Discovered About Selling Coaching


For years I watched my fellow coaching colleagues struggle to get traction in the marketplace, despite the fact that each year more and more individuals and companies invest their limited time and money on coaching services.  I watched my colleagues, far better coaches than me, struggle to have the impact they desired.  I was baffled.  Then I decided to solve this problem. 

Prior to becoming a coach my background was in management consulting.  For two decades I went into companies and helped them to solve complex business problems.  Believe it or not, for most people the word ‘consulting’ is nearly as mysterious as the word ‘coaching’.  When I looked at what makes it possible to sell consulting services, several key elements emerged:

  • Deep connection and understanding of the client’s problems.
  • Clear articulation of the consulting offering, including a sense of the full life-cycle of the solution.  In other words, the clients could understand the solution from beginning to end. 

Then I focused on using this insight to help the coaching community. 

What the Coaching World Needed


My goal was to develop a tool-set that would allow my fellow coaching colleagues to land new clients.  Knowing what I know about the barriers that coaches face, the tool-set needed to:

  • Help coaches do the non-coaching work (a.k.a. sales and marketing)
  • Cut directly to the client’s problem to allow the coach to be efficient and effective
  • Function as a stand-alone product that could easily be offered as a “free taste”
  • Blossom into a deeper and ongoing opportunity for the coach-client relationship

The Coaching Firestarter Kit Was Born


The Coaching Firestarter Kit is the solution that provides the coach with a powerful, easy-to-implement approach for getting new clients.  Each Coaching Firestarter Kit focuses on a specific ‘type’ of coaching conversation that you can have with your perspective client.  Each kit contains:

  • A Detailed Coach’s Guide that walks you through the technique of executing the coaching conversation with your client.  The coach’s guide will provide conceptual background, a structure for the coaching conversation, as well as tips and techniques for having the conversation with your clients.
  • A Marketing Package that you can use to sell your coaching services.  The marketing package consists of both long-form (for fliers, website, newsletters, etc.) and short-form (for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) copy that you can use to ‘make your pitch’.  The marketing package format allows you to easily add your own branding in order to make it your own. 

The topics featured in each kit are designed to be "stand-alone", which makes them perfect as a give-away service for introducing your services to potential new clients.  At the same time, the topics are substantial enough that you can easily expand them across multiple coaching sessions.  

I have personally used every one of the techniques featured in the Coaching Firestarter Kits and they are all tested and proven effective in the real world. 

The Coaching Firestarter Kit is almost ready for full release.  If you want to be among the first coaches to get your hands on this powerful set of tools, use the link below to provide your contact information.  In a few short weeks I'll send you a free kit as a sample of what is to come.  I know it's frustrating to wait and I am working hard to make it worth your while!