Intentional Life Design


It's Time to get serious...

You have awakened to the benefits of Intentional Living and now you are ready to take action.  Well, you've come to the right place. Intentional Life Design is one of our Transformation Modules, which means we go way beyond concepts and ideas and we plunge head-first into action.  You will develop new skills and capabilities.  We will help you to design the systems and support structures that you will need to make lasting change in your life.   

+ Topics Covered

  • Identifying your Wicked Problem
  • Employing the design principles of Collaboration and Prototyping
  • Understanding how your Immune System resists and facilitates change
  • Harnessing your greatest resource...Time
  • Building your personal Life Compass
  • Desigining your Success Environment
  • Developing your Circle of Support
  • Inviting Serendipity into your life
  • Targeting the center of the Bullseye...Happiness

+ Course Format

The ILD consists of 4 learning modalities.

  1. 1:1 Coaching - You will work closely with an Integral Mastercoach to create a custom developmental program that will last the entire duration of the ILD module. (Coaching occurs by phone or by Skype)
  2. Group Learning Sessions - Once each month you will attend an online conceptual learning session that includes all of the ILD participants.
  3. Challenge and Accountability Groups - Once each month you will meet with a small subgroup of your fellow Intentional Life Designers to challenge one another and help hold each other accountable towards your commitments.
  4. Online Collaboration - Particpants will share ideas, reflect on key learnings, and provide/receive feedback using an online discussion forum.

Upcoming Sessions

Participation in the Intentional Life Design program is by invitation only, based on participation and completion of the Intentional Living masterclass.